My name is Julian Schratter.  I live and work in New York City.  I find inspiration everywhere even if its just walking my dog or going for a ride.  I love to create.  Weather I am directing a music video, designing a stage, or touring as a photographer every opportunity is a chance to make the world a little better. What drives me is the the process. Every work day presents different tasks and every moment I am focused on executing a vision, for my clients.



Through Whose started as a passion and social art project. I customized disposable cameras and distributed them to different people around the world. I wanted to connect these people through their images. I built a site, curated photographs and drew correlations between them through galleries. I loved the project, the photographs and of course the brand which I had built. I used that brand to facilitate my work as a photographer and director. I had the opportunity to create some powerful imagery but my passion to share the world the way I saw it was growing and the ideas where getting bigger. As a collaborator and creative of my own I have developed great relationships with a network of people that share the same drive for creativity that I do and collectively we are Through Whose Productions. Having a network of like minded multi faceted artist ensure that the best person for the job gets the job done. Weather we are designing Merch, creating content, shooting a music video, or lighting a stage we always challenge ourselves to make our next project our best project.   


The Universe Tour was an idea I had while designing some tour merchandise for a client. I thought how cool would it be if my band (although non existent) toured the universe and an obsession was born. I reached out to a friend and tattoo artist Ashley and together we came up with some designs to brand this tour. I calculated accurate travel time between the moon and the planets and routed our Galaxy.
The universe tour carries with it the spirit of Through Whose - the desire to connect. Although space travel may be something most of us can only dream about it is something that connects all of us...the power of the universe.